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2016 Nannuo Yun Ripe Pu'er

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Special edit: please note that any remaining cakes are the last of this specialty production, as Dá É just informed us we have the last stocks.  Original description below:

This is another tea from Dá É, comprised of choice Nannuoshan raw materials from 2016.  Second spring (late April-May) da shu / gu shu leaves were selected from Dá É’s garden in Shitouzhai, in addition to old growth stands in Banpo and Duoyizhai tended to by her cousin. While Dá É began producing shou pu’er in 2003, her family has sold their raw materials to original Meng Hai tea factory for decades. With her contacts, she found a skilled shou pu specialist to entrust the wet-piling production of this precious batch of leaves.

Being honest, we wouldn’t call ourselves avid shou pu’er drinkers. But we do enjoy the dark brew from time to time — and have plenty of compadres that pour it with more frequency... so when we heard about this batch after pressing Dá É on the details of her more special collections, we were curious to try it.

The flavor and aroma of this tea is remarkable. Pronounced by the mineral profile of its old growth materials, the thick, ruby broth leaves a residue that yields an intoxicating empty cup fragrance — 杯香 bēi xiāng. This residue saturates the steam that arises off the leaves and clay, and all of the sudden you realize why shou Pu’er is so worthy of love and affection. The dank leaf mass delivers clean and thick infusion after infusion, out-pacing the typical shou pu session in both chaqi and number of steepings. This one’s a real treat and won't disappoint.

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