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2017 Bada Young Tree Ripe Pu'er


An instant crowd favorite, we zeroed in on this ripe tea immediately due to its friendliness to both the palate as well as the wallet.  Even though it's affordable, it's no slouch when it comes to quality — this material comes from natural 生态 shēngtài gardens planted in the 1980s managed by Dá É’s friend Nán Hé in the Bada Mountain village 曼迈 Mànmài near the Myanmar border.  Manmai hosts just over 100 Bulang ethnicity families.

A long session of rich, creamy, cocoa puff + vanilla flavors suspended by a backbone of cooling stone + iron mineral textures awaits.

IMG 7160

Nán Hé


IMG 7163

Nán Hé harvesting in her family's older growth gardens


IMG 7161 2 1

Manmai village in Bada Mountain in western Menghai County, Xishuangbanna

Original teacake wrapper artwork by Rosy Kirby of Lost Mountain Prints

One comment on “2017 Bada Young Tree Ripe Pu'er”

  1. My current favorite shou pu’er. It’s just a perfect balance of the funky and sweet sides of ripe teas. Fudge-y and soft but punctuated by with woody, earthy notes that give the cup intrigue and character. Chocolate cake and black licorice mingle with fallen leaves and wet rocks. Earthy, agricultural notes take over as the steeps progress, but there’s a freshness about them—like breathing in Vermont country air. I could drink that in all day.

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