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2019 Banpo Ancient Arbor Ripe Pu'er


Abidingly mineral-rich, full-bodied, and resilient over a seemingly endless amount of brews, this ancient arbor shou pu yields medicinal broth textures, rich in oatmeal tinged vapors, corn husk ash, and cocoa nibs on the palate.

In Southern Yunnan, coveted ancient arbor material is by-and-large strictly devoted to raw pu'er production, 生茶 shēng chá.  An unsavory truth is that 熟 shóu or ripe pu'er production is too often a way for the region to recycle their dross materials, quite literally composting them into a more marketable substance.  Aware of this predicament, we've held off investing in the vast expanse of ripe teas we wouldn't be proud to serve.

With this gushu ripe as well as the co-released Bada Young Tree, we finally have two ripes we can call home about, and proudly serve to our community of folks who have requested more ripe teas over the years.

IMG 6946

Old growth Banpo trees

Dá É's uncle's gardens in Banpo village on Nannuo Mountain provided the ancient arbor material for this spring harvest back in 2019.  While early spring 头春 tóu chūn flushes are strictly reserved for connoisseur sheng pu'er, yet less fought-over later spring materials 春尾 chūn wěi — of which this tea is comprised — stands a chance at candidacy for other endeavors.  Her uncle commissioned a trusted fermentation professional to craft a small batch of shou pu'er from this material.  Since the loose tea before fermentation already garnered a decent pricetag, value only increased as the cooked material reduced to two-thirds its original mass, as is expected in the wet-piling 渥堆 wò duī fermentation process.   To recoup costs, ancient arbor shou pu'er has to be just that much pricier.  Inherently biodynamic and uncertified organic, this old-growth tea material is the cleanest and highest caliber you can get.


IMG 8791

the strict use of solely spring water is an important component in maintaining highest quality shou pu'er


IMG 8789

small batch in sanitary facilities

Original teacake wrapper artwork by Rosy Kirby of Lost Mountain Prints

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2 comments on “2019 Banpo Ancient Arbor Ripe Pu'er”

  1. Rich, dark, and deep in texture. The tasting note of cacao nib is very precise and evident throughout brewing, even in the later steeps, which is greatly appreciated alongside the strong and complex taste this tea brings. A real homage to the richness and depth that a great ripe can provide.

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