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2019 Nannuo Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er


This is a Nannuoshan Shitouzhai raw pu'erh harvested from our friend's cherished ancient tree gardens in early spring of 2019.  Of the earlier selection of 毛茶 máo chá we acquired from Dá É, we received a consensus from our community that this particular batch was the one to press into cake form.  We couldn't agree more: there is a totally gratifying 青味 qīng wèi "green taste" to this tea because of its younger age, yet there is also a surprising gentle sweetness that has already begun to soften that young sheng jaggedness that can pummel palates.  The result is a balanced, high quality drinker for sipping now or aging.

This tea is from the year we first met the producer and when we drink it we experience marked glee recalling our time in Nannuoshan with her, relaxing in her tea parlor with a grill full of 回甘 huígān.  The drought was especially bad that year, resulting in slow grown leaves containing a full-impact experience of flavor, flagrance, and big chi.

Somehow the wrapping paper typesetting company in Meng Hai misformatted the design they were sent so that the wrapper boldly states that the tea is from ANCTENT GARDENS.  As such, we look forward to coveting this vintage in the future as an ode to the time in which it was pressed -- the year 2020; the year when anything that went 100% as planned was the exception!

Read more about the producer of this tea (including an interview), and our selection of her Nannuo teas here.

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13 comments on “2019 Nannuo Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er”

  1. Really enjoying the flavor and will age nicely. Full mouth feel with some tingles on the tongue. Very quenching of the thirst!

  2. After devouring the tasting set of 2020 raw sheng pu’er I decided to branch out and try this little gem of bing cha, and I am so glad I did! This tea has all those delightful sweet, earthy, biscuity flavors I have come to love and crave from sheng pu’er, and it just keeps giving and giving after even a dozen infusions. What a delight it is to wake up with a gaiwan of this tea!

  3. Exceptional quality. Beautiful bud heavy cake that delivers an uplifting energy ❤🌿 definitely give this tea a try!

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