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2020 Jin Xuan Baozhong Oolong

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Prepare to meet our Spring 2020 Bao Zhong 包種茶.  This tea has a sweet, thick, and vegetal tea soup that sweeps away your taste buds. Instead of using the Qing Xin cultivar for the tea material in producing this Baozhong, our partners use Jin Xuan the "milk oolong" cultivar, giving it a combination of thick hearty frontal flavors with the delicateness of Baozhong. The leaves are tender and produce a thick floral fragrance when brewed. Our Baozhong tea is grown in Pinglin 坪林 township of New Taipei City, Taiwan.  The farmers who grow and cultivate this year’s Baozhong are the fourth generation of tea farmers who have been growing tea on the same farm since 1959.  The terrain that the tea farm is situated in is nestled in a lush valley located at around 400 meters. We happened upon this tea farm during our first sourcing trip to Taiwan, and we are now ready to provide tea straight from the farm so it can be brewed in your cup.

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8 comments on “2020 Jin Xuan Baozhong Oolong”

  1. I'm a relative novice when it comes to tea, so I don't have the language to describe this fully. But this is wow one of my favorite teas I've ever had. This one may have been the tipping point for me... I'm a "tea person" now. Def would recommend.

  2. All of the Teas from River & Lakes are incredible, but we love the Oolongs the most. Very fresh flavors, thank you!

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