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2020 Li Shan Oolong

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We’re pleased to finally offer this supreme grade high mountain Taiwanese oolong tea from Li Shan 梨山. Harvested in early May at 1800 meters, the small size of these leaves is notable, indicating a very fine picking grade with this production. After the first cupping of this year’s Pear Mountain tea we knew we had to offer it to you. Teas from this growing region are known for their floral fragrance and sweet notes. Delicate vegetal tones with a masterfully understated roastedness greet you as you ease into the session, landing on a mineral bedrock of pure gao shan goodness later.  This oolong completely blew away our expectations and we recommend enjoying this tea out in nature by the side of a river.  A masterpiece tea.

The community-celebrated and accomplished tea aesthetician responsible for the sourcing this particular tea, our friend Mr. Shen 沈僥宜 speaks lengths about the simplicity of brewing and tea appreciation in our recent interview with him. Paying attention to the tea that is in your hand and giving all your attention to brewing the tea were his suggestions for us regarding brewing tea. Using this method to drink this year's Li Shan has allowed us to uncover the subtle notes that this complex tea has to offer.

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3 comments on “2020 Li Shan Oolong”

  1. Very fresh and floral. Creamy goodness and a reason why it is a legendary tea. Could drink it daily for health and happiness.

  2. All of the Teas from River & Lakes are incredible, but we love the Oolongs the most. Very fresh flavors, thank you!

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