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2020 Meng Ding Gan Lu 蒙顶甘露

terroir / conditions / process

• First pluck “pre Qingming” / harvested in late February to early March 2020
• Tasting notes: lightly roasted chestnut, summer melon rind, hamhock, wild veggies
• Grown between 4000 – 4600 feet in elevation on Meng Ding Shan and processed by a Ya’an tea company.
• This company owns 40 acres of tea terraces and has a no pesticide policy.
 • A blend of Laochun 老川 and Mengshan #9 的蒙山九号 cultivars
• After the withering stage, the production features “the famous three-fired, three-kneaded tea making process” (著名的三炒三揉制茶工艺), a method that coaxes out flavor by frying the leaves in a high-temperature wok for short times before rolling/bruising them three separate times as a set, before drying.
• In mid-February a late cold front came through the area, lending to a slightly sweeter and more dense flavor-nutrient profile as the tea plants harden their constituents as a defense.
• Meng Ding Gan Lu translates to sweet dew of Meng Ding mountain

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the mountain

A dark horse in the green tea world, Meng Ding Shan in Sichuan province can often be overshadowed by the famous tea producing areas of Zhejiang province to the east. Yet with a legendary history of tea cultivation, not only does the Meng Ding mountain terroir host an astonishingly favorable habitat for its tea plants to grow, but refined + unique production methods present to us original, accomplished teas. I feel honored and proud to have rendered special contacts while traveling to this area to make offering this tea possible.  Dive deeper into this mountain and the events that lead to this tea becoming available here.
Crowning the heights of Meng Ding lies Wu Lizhen's ancient tea grounds, the epicenter of the first known records of tea cultivation.  Here is its entrance.
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4 comments on “2020 Meng Ding Gan Lu Green Tea”

  1. Very fresh and a light liquor that has a distinct flavor. Some nuttiness and vegetal. Like giving an elephant a peanut, perhaps.

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