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2020 Nannuo Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er

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This is a Nannuoshan Shitouzhai raw pu'erh harvested in early spring of 2020, still in its unpressed, 毛茶 máo chá form that we so love.  Classic meng hai thick mouthfeel frames a bouquet of forest honey and sun-toasted cereal grains that transforms over the session.  While not as famous as other villages in Nannuo, our producers gardens in Shitouzhai sit at around 1700 meters (~5500') in altitude and enjoys an exceptionally clean terroir we're proud to drink up.  Pure verdant energy on this one.

More about the producer of this tea (including an interview), and our selection of her Nannuo teas here.


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2 comments on “2020 Nannuo Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er”

  1. This is my second time buying this tea, which speaks for itself! I love the full, punchy flavors and pheromonal aromas of these ancient trees, and the brightness and playfulness of the younger aged leaves. Describing this tea doesn’t do it full justice, it is something that needs to be experienced for oneself.

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