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2020 Nannuo "Middle" Tree Raw Pu'er

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Still in its loose 毛茶 máo chá form for the leaf judging inclined teaist, this early spring 2020 harvested sheng cha comes from small trees / large shrubs around 80 years of age growing at 1500 meters (5000') altitude in 石头新寨 Shitouxinzhai of western Nannuo.  These trees are referred to as 中树 zhōng shù "middle tree" by the farmers yet many, many tea merchants pass off material from trees this age as 古树 Gǔ shù to garner higher prices.  Please enjoy this delicious, sessionable, and affordably priced zhong shu cha.

Read more about the producer of this tea (including an interview), and our selection of her Nannuo teas here.

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