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2021 Autumn Stone Village Raw Pu'er

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This tea hails from our home base pu’er gardens in Yunnan, Dá É’s old growth arbors in 石头寨 Shítouzhài, AKA Stone Village. The sheng pu that defines good old growth tea for us, and the benchmark of quality to which we compare all other pu’er teas.

This tea has what compels and mystifies the tea drinker about old growth sheng pu: it's not necessarily the surface flavors of the tea that one seeks to appreciate and playfully deconstruct; it's a deeper pheromonal essence that straddles the perception line between flavor, mouthfeel, and qi.  All delivered with charming balance and character: invigorating as well as grounding + nourishing, soft as well as strong, punchy yet resilient.  With this 100 gram presentation we wanted to offer the most economically approachable gushu experience.  Great tea doesn’t have to be expensive (read that again).

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Check out more deets on just what makes autumn harvested tea so special here, as well as more offerings from our beloved friend Dá É here.  Wrapper artwork in collaboration with Rosy Kirby of Lost Mountain Prints.


*blank white wrapper cake option:

Dá É accidentally sent us a handful of these cakes with blank white wrappers instead of the fancy branded blue ones with the cute elephant… it’s the same production, same tea, same nei fei, same everything, except the cover.  For those that dig on this kind of simplicity we’re offering it for a reduced rate.

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