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2021 Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong

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A subregion within the 杉林溪 Shan Lin Xi mountain range, 龙凤峡 Long Feng Xia rests at an altitude of 1600-1900 meters and produces prestigious gao shan oolong.  Harvested from 青心 Qing Xin cultivar bushes, expect a classic yet unique delivery of a buttery and stout bouquet whose mouthfeel thickens as the steeps are allowed to permeate deeper into the mineral-rich leaves.

The Yung family did not suffer the misfortune that the rest of the island of Taiwan endured this spring: a terrible drought plagued tea crops and life in general for much of the island.  Some growing areas near Ali Shan and at lower elevations saw 30-50% reductions in crops and even proved fatal for some established tea plants.

Against these odds, the Yungs attribute the relative success of their spring harvest to the ever-present cloudmist that enshrouds the peaks of Shan Lin Xi and Long Feng Xia, in addition to their ability to assist the flush via occasional irrigation.  Even still, the leaves grew much slower this year and pushed back harvest time to 2 weeks later than usual!  Of the teas we tested, lot 1 of this Long Feng Xia yielded the most remarkable spring gao shan experience that we know and love from the Yung family farm.

Competition for the island's more viable teas this year has increased and we were only able to secure a limited amount of this tea, as the Yungs sold out of their earliest productions at an unforeseen speed.  Given the drought conditions, a limited supply, and increased demand, we feel very grateful to not only have Taiwanese tea in our cup, but an exceptional example at that.

As of June, the rains are thankfully returning to the island and reservoirs and lakes will slowly begin to replenish.  May we continue to deepen our gratitude and acknowledge the forces and wills that renders these magical leaves into our lives.


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3 comments on “2021 Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong”

  1. The smell of this one knocked my socks off, and the soup itself followed through on that! So rich and layered. One of the best high mountains I’ve tried.

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