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2021 Meng Ding Gan Lu Green Tea

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Meng Ding Gan Lu 蒙顶甘露 aptly translates to Misty Peak Sweet Dew, and we could not be more excited to have this force of nature back in our lineup.

Cresting above other adjacent mountain ranges, towns, cities, rivers, and the vast majority of other tea gardens, the tea gardens from which these sprouts emerged rests between 1200-1400 meters on Meng Ding Shan.  The tea gardens are nearly always enshrouded in clouds and co-habitate with ferns and other plants that occupy exceptionally clean and precious ecosystems.  Meeting the criteria of "pre Qingming" (a festival held on April 4th) for early harvest quality, this tea was plucked on February 15th during an early warm front.

Teas like this are often booked in advance by upper class tea enthusiasts ahead of time and typically would never make it to the tea world of the West.  Indeed, we are fortunate to have such a connection in Mr. Zheng, a retired government official of Ya'an whom we were fortunate enough to connect with during our time in the area in 2019.

More about our time in Ya'an and Meng Ding Shan here in our blog as well as reviews of last year's batch here.  This year we have also sourced a yellow tea, Meng Ding Huang Ya through this same connection.

Notable is the meticulous process that these early flush sprouts undergo.  Sprouts are carefully monitored and harvested just 5-6 days after initially emerging.  After the tiny sprouts are withered, the production features 著名的三炒三揉制茶工艺 (“the famous three-fired, three-kneaded tea making process”) a method that coaxes out flavor by frying the leaves in a high-temperature wok for short times before rolling/bruising them three separate times as a set, before being dried.  This process accentuates flavors and aromas, as well brings all of the tea oils to the surface, unlocking them ahead of time for an exquisite first brew.  This very early tippy tea contains the most invigorating compounds stored throughout winter; you will definitely feel its energy coursing through you!  Significant late snowfall in January on the gardens has said to have made this year's early flushes sweeter than normal — we'll let you be the judge!

Unlike in 2020, thankfully this batch didn't spend several months stuck in the ethers of pandemic-transit and is remarkably fresh, just as a good green tea should be.  We intend to sell out well before the green tea freshness wears off, therefore we are carrying just a limited stock.



downy supreme


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quite the workout: summiting Meng Ding Shan



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7 comments on “2021 Meng Ding Gan Lu Green Tea”

  1. I buy tea from R & L on a regular basis and am always so overjoyed with the quality. It's so clear how much thought, energy, time, and passion Gus & Bart put into sourcing these beauties. They're truly one of the best parts of waking up each morning. And this Meng Ding Gan Lu is on another level. I bought this type of tea from another source a couple years ago, and it was no where near this quality!

  2. Wonderful. The nose has a touch of
    Peach and the taste is smooth , soft and a delightfully light to medium clean finish

  3. One of the finest teas I have had the pleasure of brewing. It’s clear from the look and taste that there’s no false advertising here - Gus and Bart might even be downplaying this tea. It’s clean & fresh, made up of delicate buds covered in the most down I’ve ever seen, so soft and sweet with flavors of peach, maybe a hint of cherry blossom (?), and a soft nuttiness that speaks of incredible care in production. A word of advice: ditch your fine mesh strainer for this one; the last sip full of down and a leaf or two is the best part.

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