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2021 Qing Xin Baozhong Oolong

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We are thrilled to announce and offer this year's Qing Xin Baozhong Oolong, a different take on last year's big hit, a Baozhong made from the same family but using the Jin Xuan milk oolong cultivar.  The 青心 Qīng xīn cultivar may take the cake as the most preferred and ubiquitous cultivar for oolong production on the island, so when we heard the Bai family makes a competition style Baozhong with it, we had to try it.  The results are impressive and we may even dare to say we prefer it over last year's.  Expect a mineral-forward, rich, savory, vegetal hit that leaves the palate pining for another rip.  Jagged, bold, and cruciferous, yet smooth and sweet all at once.


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One comment on “2021 Qing Xin Baozhong Oolong”

  1. Perhaps more vegetal than I was expecting, but definitely an elegant and very drinkable oolong. Looking forward to experimenting with it more.

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