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2022 Mahēi

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If you’re into Yiwu teas because of their luxuriant thickness, mellow flavor, gentle yet strong energy, and signature sweetness that only gets more viscous with age, proper 麻黑 Mahēi village tea helped define this.

Endowed with a signature long lasting 糖香 táng xiāng or candy/caramel fragrance, Mahei imparts a fantastic sticky icky fragrance upon most all the surfaces the tea soup graces, imparting an especially thought-provoking and sensual bei xiang

Gardens leased by the Hé family are 1350 meters above sea level, and feature old arbor trees in between 3 and 4 meters tall. Especially before the puerh market crash in 2007, Mahei was nearly synonymous with the reference of 易武正山“Yiwu Zhengshan” (Zhengshan = truly from the mountain, meaning from specifically Yiwu proper), as mahei village is centrally located in the central Yiwu mountain growing area. Mahei village is 8 kilometers and about a 20 minute drive north of Yiwu township, and is adjacent to Luo Shui Dong village to the south, another acclaimed and classic Yiwu village and growing area. Mahei is a gentle giant of the Yiwu taste: it represents the most soft and elegant of this area’s teas, having nearly zero astringency or unpleasant bitterness, with a full and broad mouthfeel. Because of its fame, sourcing legit and clean Mahei tea has become a struggle for many a connoisseur in recent years. And because of this, we feel *beyond* fortunate to carry the always professional Hé family’s endeavors to showcase the best sides of this classic jewel of a tea garden.

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