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2022 Mánzhuān


蛮砖 Manzhuan mountain rests at an especially tucked away and rugged corner of already wild Mengla county — it’s as though this remoteness can be experienced through its tea leaves: the flavor of Manzhuan tea, while still indicative of greater Yiwu area terroir characteristics, provides us with compelling flavors and fragrances, truly unique unto itself. A specific narcotic bready vegetalness with infused minerality provides an alive and thick mouthfeel.  Freaking tasty. Charm and intrigue suffuse the imagination.

While quality control over processing acumen for Manzhuan tea has suffered some scrutiny of lagging behind the trend setters over the years, the Hé family’s reconnaissance of prime leaf material combined with their industry-leading processing team promises the experiencing of Manzhuan mountain in premier fashion.  Fans of the popular 2020 release of this tea won't be let down.

Check out the loose, mao cha version of this tea from 2021.

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