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2022 Meng Ding Mao Feng Green

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Not as much of a household name as its earlier plucked brother, Gan Lu, this 毛峰 Máo Fēng style (translation "Hairy Tip" in reference to the downy trichomes found on early spring teas) is a green tea featuring a March 17th harvest of larger sprouts — slightly less bud heavy / more leaf heavy plucking grade — lending to a brothier + fuller mouthfeel and texture.

We adore this tea, finding it agreeable and adaptable in brewing, always delivering interesting, classy, and straightforward layers of what you want in a green tea.  Easily enjoyed as an approachably priced everyday drinker.

ABR 5629

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3 comments on “2022 Meng Ding Mao Feng Green”

  1. Not an experienced green tea drinker, but have enjoyed the rich tea soups from Ming mountain and they are turning my head. Thanks Rivers and Lakes

  2. High quality tea with a beautiful feeling and flavor that steeps for many infusions.
    Excellent daily drinker!!

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