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2022 Nánnuò Ancient Red

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Extremely selective about our red teas (we only source one other), Dá É's annual Stone Village ancient arbor red tea production finally compelled us to expand our collection.  While the oxidative process for most hong cha really highlights the particular nuances of flavor x fragrance characteristics of the cultivar it was crafted from, ancient arbor reds  "gushu hong" like this one underline mouthfeel, texture, and chi below a rich chocolate malt flavor and deep sultry rose aroma.  It's because old growth arbors like Dá É's are seed propagated, not cloned like cultivars are, and therefore the wider genetic variance contained within any given harvest won't yield a definitive and easily identifiable palate experience.  A deeply rooting yet stimulating session awaits within the layers of this tea, as well as an irresistible and must-have experience for all black tea lovers.

As many other Yunnan reds, the leaves were sun-dried, meaning this tea could be considered a living tea, as the living enzymes were neutralized and softly baked in, nearly dormant.  Any enzymes left within the leaves after its long withering step will continue to slowly transform the tea.  Experience this particular garden via other spring teas in the style of sheng pu'er and white tea.

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