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2022 Nánnuò


Spring 2022’s Nannuo is the annual return of the olde reliable of our catalog.

It’s also the perfect sheng pu’er for beginners wanting to wrap their palate around gushu tea while not breaking the bank. Indeed a cornerstone in our repertoire, this year’s Nannuo is from Dá É’s 石头寨 Shítou zhài Stone Village ancient arbors, a garden you’ve tasted before in the form of 2019 Nannuo “anctent tree”, 2020 Nannuo Mao Cha, 2021 Stone Village and 2021 Autumn Stone Village. 2023’s was just released here.

Beautiful gnarled trees over 2 centuries in age occupy a fecund, well-draining, west-facing mountainslope ecology in Southern Nannuoshan, yielding tenacious Menghai character leaves processed by Dá É and her family unit crew (her two sons, her boyfriend, and his two daughters).  These tea leaves were harvested in the last days of March, before the rains. Don’t let the affordable price of 42 cents per gram fool you into thinking it’s not some of the most consistently best stuff out there… another slamdunk out of Nannuo from our friend Dá É.

This tea delivers the goodness now, and will only get better with age.  Compare with previous years and seasons’ harvest from this incredible tea garden for added dimension, as well as this year's exploration of different genres of tea styles from this particular garden:

Nannuo Ancient Red | Nannuo Moonlight White | Nannuo Single Tree

IMG 8850

IMG 8849

IMG 8853

IMG 8854



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