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2022 Spring Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong

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龙凤峡 Lóngfèng xiá is a subrange within the famous Shan Lin Xi growing area in Nantou county, Taiwan.  Tea of this pedigree — known as 山乌龙 gāo shān wū lóng or high mountain oolong — grown at elevations between 1700-1850 meters, are fabulously mineral-rich and buttery, yielding thick, brothy, floral infusions because of the slow rate at which their leaves must grow.  The higher climes subject the tea bushes to a thinner atmosphere and an attenuated photosynthesis process because of the almost ever-present cloud cover; ideal habitat for good tea.  Classy, milky, fragrant, the Yung family graces us again with their world-acclaimed tea.  Not to be missed, every year we look forward to this family's unmistakable signature execution of this style.

青心 Qīng xīn cultivar leaves harvested in early May.

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