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2023 Class A Baozhong Oolong

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An irresistible simple pleasure and sensory delight, each year fresh Bai family Baozhong reclaims its place as one of the most favored teas of our catalog by our tea community.  Unpretentious and uncomplicated, this tea is a clean and professional no frills execution of fantastic jade oolong.  A myriad high ranking awards have already come in for this family's Class A Baozhong this year, and the plaques of competition wins going back decades can be seen on their walls.

On site, during our visit to the Bai family during this spring's Taiwan trip granted us even greater selectability to choose the most favored tea from their various recently harvested Class A competition style Baozhong.  One harvested on April 27th from higher elevation Qing Xin bushes was eventually selected due to its undeniable perfection in fragrance, flavor, mouthfeel, as well as finish.


funny enough, this second one that I'm smelling the lid of is the one that was selected. A half hour later, the Bai family mother came around and tried all the teas. She too chose the second one as her pick!





Bai Junyu has become rather well-known around Taiwan. English speaking tea drinkers may know him as Jacob Bai. He is the 4th generation of tea craftsmen originally from Anxi county, Fujian.

463A1398  463A1522



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Senior Mr. Bai pulled a fistful of leaves right off the racks and brewed it for us




these gardens are 750 meters high at the top of this growing region outside of Pinglin


This family has been making tea here since 1959


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