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2023 Luo Shui Dong


An essential, classic, and respected territory in the more localized Yiwu area — often winning competitions for producing the region's best raw materials — 落水洞 Luò Shuǐ Dòng is a 270 hectare growing area resting at 1300-1450 meters in elevation about 10 kilometers north of Yiwu town, just southwest of Mahei.

While Luo Shui Dong and Mahei are like conjoined twin growing areas geographically side by side, there are some key differences in their teas' expressions.  Luo Shui Dong has a higher floral fragrance with a well balanced and complex mouthfeel.  Mahei has more of a honey-like aroma and an expansive mouthfeel, bold and juicy with less astringency.

Both are exceptional teas by the Hé family.  High class, zhengshan old growth productions like these are what this family does best, and what their main clientele are after.   Fabulous now or be sure to devote your best storage parameters to these teas, as they're sure to ripen and complexify into indescribable elysium well into the future.

We released this tea in 2020 and are excited to bring it back!

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a proliferated yet controversial map


When we visited in 2019, we were blown away by its natural beauty and mature ecological balance.

IMG 2488 copy

I took this photo from the viewing deck of Luo Shui Dong's deceased tea king tree


More on the Hé family: if you have checked out Jinghong Zhang's book Pu'er Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic then you are already familiar with the Hé family, as senior Mr. Hé is written about as a prominently featured tea producer that proves successful in his endeavors to retain the classic feel of the home production Yiwu tribute tea while meeting new QS standards by investing in new state of the art production facilities.  See both Mr. Hé and his son (who has now taken over the business) in this episode of Jinghong Zhang's fascinating mini documentary.

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original Bay Owl artwork by Arulu Gallagher

One comment on “2023 Luo Shui Dong”

  1. Special notes from guest star Jeff Swientek:

    Luo Shui Dong:
    Nose: clean hay, chamomile flowers, fresh pretzel

    Clean, clear, "swishable" liquor...its thick and viscous, but evaporates completely leaving no residue behind on the inhale...the exhale reveals sunshine, orange bitters and mountain mist. The huigan smacks of yellow flowers and warm summer air. Later infusions bring out the pristine minerality of this microclimate. A soothing lo fi beat slowly builds in the chest and pushes up to the temples. I was lost in my own stillness, alone in the forest with this tea

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