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2023 Milan Dancong Phoenix Oolong


Wen's Milan delivers exactly what you want out of this classic style: a charming character with an unmistakable aromatic profile, juice for days, a simple gourmet delight.  蜜兰香  Mì Lán Xiāng means honey orchid fragrance, and is not fake news — high skill level iterations like this one deliver the promise its namesake makes.  The juiciest and boldest mouthfeel of the three dancongs from Wen Jian Fu we are showcasing, the broth is clear, clean, and sweet, playfully rolling around from the sip entrance to immediate return sweetness on the breath.  Let the broth cool a couple of notches to give way to copious peach and rose water fragrances.

Wen Jian Fu, a quiet, intense, straightforward, and disciplined man, is the vice president of the Chaozhou Tea Industry Association.  Below a cool and tough exterior is a fierce loyalist to good tea and good people.  He is serious about his craft and insists on maintaining quality control by overseeing every step, especially the ending charcoal roasting step.  Well-resourced with family trees of various ages at various elevations, these specific Milan gardens were planted in 1978 and rest at an elevation of 870 meters.  Harvested in spring 2023, this one was roasted and rested 3 separates times, the last one right before the Chinese New Year.  Truly a delight.



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