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2023 Nannuo Array

700 grams of tea exhibiting Dá É of Nannuo Mountain’s impressive repertoire and skillset as a garden steward and tea producer, this mini collection’s bundled array of styles is a choice pick for those wanting to take a deep dive into the many sides of Yunnan tea.

All expertly produced from ecologically pristine arbors ranging from 中树 zhōng shù middle tree to 古树 gǔ shù ancient tree grades, these teas pack potent doses of vital energy, layers of flavor tones, and intoxicating fragrances, and huigan to boot.  With the variables of the mountain terroir and the producer's personality as constants, this mini collection offers a unique opportunity to correctly attribute perceived differences between these four very different teas to their genre, as well as a depthier understanding of territory, microscoping down from Yunnan to Xishuangbanna to Nannuo Mountain to Stone Village where all of these teas were produced in April 2023.

The lineup:

Nannuo Raw Pu'erNannuo Moonlight White Tea | Nannuo Red TeaNannuo Huangpian Raw Pu'er

Descriptive entries for these to learn more about each one are in their profiles above, yet these teas speak best for themselves.  Nab all four in this array for some keen savings on a collective 700 grams of tea.

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