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2023 Nannuo Raw Pu'er


The annual return of the tea whose tenacity, deliciosity, freakedness, and all around dankness gave us the confidence to start this tea sourcing project some years ago.

Dá É’s 石头寨 Shítou zhài Stone Village ancient arbors are an unfuckwithable terrain of gnarled 2+ century old stags that reign above the 拔玛 Bámǎ watershed territory on a steep southwestward facing slope at a pristine 1750 meters.

Beastly fragrances rise from leaf braids of mottled green, brown, yellow, and red whose minerals imbue a substantial bready thickness into each steep. Make it growl by pushing it harder, hotter, for longer, or keep it soft, gentle, and uncomplicated by easing up a bit.  This tea's multifaceted responsiveness and paradoxical versatility is what keeps us coming back for more and forever singing the praises of this tea.  The relative affordability of this gushu ancient tree tea that achieves it daily drinker status makes it all the better.

This sheng pu'er delivers the goodness now, and will only get better with age. Compare with previous years and seasons’ harvest from this producer and her Nannuo gardens for added dimension, as well as this year's exploration of different genres of tea styles from this particular garden:

Nannuo Red | Nannuo White | Nannuo Huangpian | 2022 Single Tree | 2022 Raw Pu'er | 2019 Raw Pu'er

IMG 4409 IMG 4480 IMG 4516 IMG 4517

IMG 5008

Dá É's oldest son Mu Mu has been taking on more of a role in the family businessIMG 4521 IMG 4522 IMG 4523 IMG 4541 IMG 4544 IMG 4545  IMG 4847 IMG 4549   IMG 4582 IMG 4629 IMG 4735 IMG 5004 IMG 4519 IMG 4578 IMG 5006IMG 5003 IMG 5012 IMG 5011 IMG 5007 IMG 4585 IMG 4589 IMG 4586 IMG 4587 IMG 4588  IMG 5032 IMG 5005   IMG 4851


original Elephant artwork by Arulu Gallagher

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