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2023 Wenshan Milk Red Baozhong


The makers of our competition grade Baozhong, Tie Guan Yin, 2023's surprise spring Bai Mu Dan, and Bai Hao — The Bai family — showcase their adeptness at timing the flushes of a variety of gardens throughout the year to craft an impressively wide range of yearly teas for their markets.

A nearly fully oxidized Baozhong, this easy drinking pleasure is crafted out of 金萱 jīn xuān "milk oolong" cultivar bushes — the second flush of the year after their first round of competition Baozhong.  It's part strip-shaped oolong, part straightforward red tea, reminiscent of unsmoked Lapsang, yet with a delightfully creamy texture and uplifting sultry aroma.  Slight brackish vegetal tones follow an entrance of zesty, rosy, malt.  Charmingly neat and simple, yet alluring in complexity for the senses that like nuance.  Each package weighs 50 grams.


Senior Mr. Bai taking it all in



His son Junyu showing us around





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