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2023 Yunnan Collection Bundle

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A timeless culmination of innumerable little miracles taking place on the planes of ecology, cultural heritage, community, trade, as well as a modern orchestration of the vision, skills, and labor of countless individuals around the globe, this year's Yunnan Collection harbors more than just some of the best flushes of leaves you can find on the markets.

The full lineup will officially drop at 10:00am EST on 9/23/23


Dá É + her network
南糯 Nannuo Stone Village set of 4 teas (Raw Pu'er, Red, White, Huangpian)
半坡 Banpo Select Trees (the largest trees in Banpo) old arbor raw pu'er
巴达 Bada Mountain (Manmai village) old arbor raw pu'er
景迈 Jingmai (Mangjing village) old arbor raw pu'er
帕沙 Pasha (middle village) old arbor raw pu'er

Mr. Yang of LBZ
坝卡囡 Bakanan old arbor raw pu'er

The Hé family in Yiwu
麻黑 Mahei old arbor raw pu'er
落水洞 Luo Shui Dong old arbor raw pu'er
张家湾 Zhangjiawan (return of the fire garden) old arbor raw pu'er
弯弓 Wangong old arbor raw pu'er


original wrapper artwork by Arulu Gallagher

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One comment on “2023 Yunnan Collection Bundle”

  1. Picked up Mahei, Jingmai, Huangpian, and Nannou Ancient Tree from Stone Village.

    Mahei is absolutely superb as it was last year! Sweet, sultry, sexy Sheng at its best from first infusion to the last. It sold out quickly last year and will surely do the same for this release.

    Jingmai is solid but I find it likes to be roughed up a bit before giving up its full flavor. I typically let it infuse a full 30 seconds as opposed to my usual 7-10 second steep. While not as sexy as Mahei, Jingmai still offers a smooth but full-bodied brew with all the classic Sheng flavors.

    Nannou Ancient Tree from Stone Village has been a truly reliable tea from Rivers and Lakes year after year and I always find myself picking up multiple cakes during the year of each release. Its delicious ripeness is the perfect balance between sweet and savory with just enough astringency to leave me salivating for more. Already halfway through one cake and have a second aging a bit to develop even more of those classic flavors.

    This was my first experience with Huangpian and I am pleasantly surprised. While the leaf material itself reminds me more of a pressed white tea, the brew is unmistakable as Sheng, but without the punchiness and intensity of the higher grade material. I find it mellow and savory, perfect for an evening nightcap when I still crave tea but also need to sleep.

    Another solid lineup from Rivers and Lakes and looking forward to exploring the rest of the collection!

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