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2024 Meng Ding Mao Feng Green Tea


A thick, toned broth of steamed crustacean, chestnut, hamhock, and vegetal umami suspends and rolls around in the mouth as this straightforward sichuan style unfolds over a brew session.  Last year's mao feng gained a bit of a cult following; we're pleased to offer this year's iteration from the Jia family.

While Meng Ding Mountain is renowned for its legendary history and still-favored classics like Gan Lu and Huang Ya, it also produces several understated little brother styles, Mao Feng being one of them.  The somewhat generic title 毛峰 máo fēng (literally hairy tip) still aptly describes these trichome-rich, downy buds that not only look cool, but can only be found on recently sprouted tea buds, an indication of choice spring tea.

Think of this tea as a more simplified, slightly later harvested Gan Lu, without the prestige-influenced price tag.

This year's Sichuan Mao Feng was harvested on March 23rd, grown at 1100 meters on the slopes of Meng Ding.  Brothier, juicier, more grounded, this is an ideal early spring green tea.

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