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2024 Taiwan Series Oolong Bundle


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This year's iteration of the popular Taiwan Series Bundle inspired by last year's Taiwan trip.  This collection represents a culmination of teas personally sourced from some of the most respected terroirs and tea families on the island, as well as an upgraded 2.0 feel to all of these offerings.  All of them are crafted by respected families that regularly place high in regional competitions (with the exception of Mr. Zhan, who doesn't compete), and a few of these have already won top prizes this year.  Combined, this is a premium, hard-won collection of some of the most choicest oolongs found anywhere.  Enthusiasts of last year's bundle will appreciate the 2.0 upgraded feel of this year's; continued relationship tending as well as furthered familiarization with each producer's skillset and resources has allowed for more honing in on what's what.



· The Chen family Li Shan High Mountain Oolong, grown in the subregion of Xin Jia Yang at a brilliantly high 2000 - 2100 meters.  Last year this family won first place in the annual Renai farmers association tea competition.  Bright feel, exceptional processing, considered a leading example of the style.


· The Bai family grade A competition Baozhong Oolong, grown in Wenshan outside of Pinglin, grown at the highest gardens this humble growing region on the north side of the island offers, just below 800 meters.  This family's tasting room walls are lined with awards and are influential figures in the Taiwanese tea scene.  Clean, shimmering, sweet vegetation without any acridity or sourness, a sensational feat considering the ultra green spriteliness of a Baozhong.


· The Lin family traditional roasted Dong Ding Oolong, at an elevation of 700 meters outside of Lugu.  This tea experiences a meticulous 陰火烘焙 "yin" style roast, where the tea is exposed to a total of 50 hours of roasting, raised at a specific height and suspended together at a specific thickness.  The tea is turned every hour, and experiences 3 different temperatures throughout this process.  Mr. Lin has won second place for the last few years and is a highly sought roastmaster by other producers because of his unique approach.  This roast is a gorgeous 50-60%, giving a sweet mintiness at the onset as the complex broth boldens up for a long session.


· The Zhan family Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong, grown in the lush and pristine Dinghu area of Ali Shan just shy of 1700 meters. Whereas we had Mr. Zhan finish the tea with a slight roast to finish the tea, this year we much prefer the fruitiness and thickness present in his highest grade of High Mountain Tea.  Notably different from our two other high mountain offerings this year in the best of ways.


· The Yung family Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong, grown in the prestigious Long Feng Xia Dragon Phoenix Gorge area, an area completely enshrouded in dense mist for most of the day.  Between 1800-1900 meters, this is the highest growing area in Shan Lin Xi, and it takes extra skill to process these slow growing, dense, and moisture-full leaves.  This family regularly wins competitions and as one of the first five families to settle these higher slopes in the early 1980s, we heartily welcome their tea's return to the catalog after working with them for many years.  Cooling jade umami textures, as thick as the clouds that cover these gardens.


Each oolong 50 gram oolong packet comes with a free 茶棒 chá bàng "tea stick" a sealing clip designed retain each bag's freshness.


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Long Feng Xia in Shan Lin Xi



the Zhan family in Dinghu area of Ali Shan


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Baozhong harvest in Wenshan



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