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3 Year Gǔ Shù Raw Pu'er Tasting Set

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Featuring ancient tree teas from three different years.  One of the endlessly fascinating things about Pu'erh tea is the extra dimension of its ability to be aged.  Tasting a raw Pu'erh tea that was made that same year might feature a strong 青味 qīng wèi "green flavor", while teas that have been allowed to age often develop a sweetness and complexity as the enzymes slowly oxidize the leaves.  Tasting the tea throughout its stages of transformation can be an astonishing experience.

With this tasting set, the idea is to use our senses to experience what is happening as time goes by: from 2018, to 2019, and to 2020.  The teas share uniformity in the other variables that typically impact the tasting experience: the time of harvest (early spring), the specific terroir of the Shitouzhai ancient gardens, in addition to the producer of the teas and her processing techniques are all the same.

You're most welcome to join in and try these teas side-by-side and enjoy the calibration of your senses as well as three prime ancient tree teas from Nannuoshan.

We're very pleased to be able to share our teas from our contacts in Nannuo.  Check out our other offerings and learn more (including an interview) about our dear friend who produces these teas.

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