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2021 Bai Ji Guan White Rooster Crest Rock Oolong

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Considered an albino cultivar, like Anji Bai Cha, the new growth of Bai Ji Guan displays golden yellow against a backdrop of the older, tougher, evergreen leaves on its bush.

Not unlike tasting an unrefined and bold mao cha of a rock tea, experiencing Bai Ji Guan tea imparts a more naked, vulnerable side of Wuyi, as this tea is left unexposed to any charcoal roasting finish. A nutty, slightly sour melon rind with a sweet rice + corn silk flavor interplays within a thick, playful soup. Simultaneously an exalted oolong experience as well as a tea that almost borrows the charming plainness found in white teas, describing the enigmatic Bai Ji Guan with confidence proves difficult!

As a cultivar, 白鸡冠 Bái Jī Guān is said to predate even Da Hong Pao, and is one of the famous four original cultivars of the Wuyi Mountains 武夷岩茶四大名丛之, alongside Da Hong Pao, Shui Jin Gui, and Tie Luo Han. We are proud to serve you this rendition of this famous bush from the Yue family.  The gaiwan in these photos was made by the talented Shiloh Gastello.

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