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While China's most populated province sets itself apart many times over before tea is even mentioned, Guangdong’s city of Chaozhou notably claims the title of the birthplace of 工夫茶 Gong Fu Cha, the practice of preparing tea with flash steep times to brew highly concentrated infusions of tea successively, one brew after the other. The distinctive brewing style has made an indelible mark on the tea world, infiltrating most corners of the modern tea connoisseur paradigm. Evolved in tandem with the practice, the mesmerizing aromatics of Phoenix Dancong Oolong produced in the Phoenix Mountains north of the city complement Chaozhou-style Gong Fu Cha. 单丛 dān cóng or Single Bush refers to the craft of tea from a single cultivar, as their naming convention implies; over 200 phoenix dancong varietals exist, all titled after a highly specialized cultivar from which they were grown.



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