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Li Shan High Mountain Oolong (Xin Jia Yang)


This year's Li Shan High Mountain Oolong is an exceptionally well-executed tea from a special subregion within the acclaimed greater growing area of 梨山 Lí Shān (translation Pear Mountain).  Expect long-lasting tones of tropical fruit, dignified vegetation, and florality, all within a mineral back-bone that keeps the sips thick, buttery, and lubricative.  The greater Lishan growing area hosts the highest gardens in Taiwan, with several parts of its range eclipsing the 2000 meter mark.  Resting between 2000 and 2100 meters, this tea is from the well-aspected and emerging cult classic area called 新佳陽 Xīn Jiā Yáng.

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With the Deji Reservoir below, the gardens of Xin Jia Yang benefit from the gorge's strong winds blowing mists up from below onto the tea bushes


swimming spot below in the Deji!

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During our time in Li Shan, the Chen family graciously allowed us to document and engage in tea production with them from harvest to processing to brewing.


unlike many other high mountain growing areas, sunnier Li Shan does not experience as much perpetual mist. Withering is easier, and the flavors tends towards to be more brighter and more aromatic.



Young Chen's uncle, Mr. Huang, invites us to judge the fresh tea as he continues to assess at each step of the process.

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When his father suddenly passed away, young Mr. Chen inherited his tea operations and with the help of his uncle and other skilled mentors is building on a legacy of excellence.



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