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2021 Long Feng Xia Winter High Mountain Oolong

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We're pleased to bring you another annual rotation of high mountain grown goodness from Yung farm on Long Feng Xia, part of Shan Lin Xi Mountain in Taiwan.  After a grueling spring harvest because of the island's drought, the Yung family welcomed this more stable autumn/winter harvest season having received ample rainfall over the monsoon season.

Expect plenty of signature butteryness as these furled nugs expand — perhaps with some additional brightness and florality and slightly less vegetalness — compared to its other side of the coin, spring tea.  A comforting, green, and chiseled expression of high mountain oolong broth to cherish as we slowly move through our winter dormancy.

the Yung's Long Feng Xia gardens reside at 1800 meters.  This tea was crafted from 青心 Qīng xīn cultivar bushes in mid October.

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2 comments on “2021 Long Feng Xia Winter High Mountain Oolong”

  1. Based on the delicious 2020 winter Long Feng Xia from the same provider I ordered the 2021 high mountain oolong in a larger bag. I am pleasantly surprised that this year’s tea is even better! The lovely floral notes are as expected with a buttery bonus. The energy of the tea is immediately felt in the opening of the chest and lungs. I am thrilled to have such an uplifting tea to brew and enjoy.

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