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2021 Meng Ding Mao Feng Green Tea

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When the family that produces our Gan Lu on Meng Ding Mountain presented us with samples of this year's Mao Feng we fell in love with its simplicity and balance.

Arriving later than its brother Meng Ding Gan Lu, 蒙顶毛峰 Méng Dǐng Máo Fēng still features an early March 明前 Míng Qián pluck of one bud and two small emerging leaves.

An initial dry leaf fragrance of sweet & cooling apples gives way to an intoxicating steam of soft shell crab once hot water hits the leaf.  The rest is a tried and true symphony familiar to the green tea lover.

We find this to be an exceptional daily companion that will surely entertain yet won't break the bank.  Enjoy spring in a cup!



Read about our adventures in Sichuan here.

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