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2021 Que She Sparrow's Tongue Rock Oolong

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Below a light roast and a light colored liquor lies a surprising depth of character in this Que She. The contrast between liquid and vaporous aromatics blurs as you rip an inhale-sip of the electric broth. Entertaining, sultry, more rosy and denser floral notes rest heavy and sweet, transforming into a nuttier, mineral-rich latter part of the session.

雀舌 Què shé is said to have originated as a sub-cultivar from one of the original Da Hong Pao mother bushes. More slender, slower growing, delicate leaves characterize Que She, and because of its lower yield and later harvest time, Que She doesn’t hold as much market prevalence as its more vigorously growing and Wuyi cultivar cousins. These slender, more sensitive leaves — resembling a sparrow’s tongue — typically lends itself to a lighter roast.

A charming offering from the Yue family in the Wuyi Mountains.

IMG 6140

The Yue family's Que She mother bush


IMG 4550

Yue Jun pouring it up

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