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2023 Rougui Dancong Phoenix Oolong


Perhaps related to the Rougui of the Wuyi Mountains, this decidedly cinnamon-aroma'd tea makes a superb dancong oolong.  Besides its dazzling aromatics, perhaps the most charming aspect of this tea is just how balanced and restrained this tea is, yet still playful + simple.  Warming cinnamon and sweet rice porridge hit the nose before you rip into a body with medium heaviness.  The mouthfeel allows for just a bit of expanse in the structure, but contains the character of the tea perfectly within the broth.  Body stays electric-textured and oily even when allowed to cool.  A slight salivation in the mouth afterwards sheds like a tear.

This is a rare cultivar in the Phoenix Mountains and Mr. Wen estimates that only about 15 households have established gardens, all at middle and high elevations up the mountain.  The cultivar is 肉桂香 ròuguì xiāng, and may or may not be related to the famous 肉桂 ròuguì of the Wuyi Mountains.  The leaves of this one are bigger than the ones found in Wuyi.  Nonetheless, Rock Oolong folks will adore this tea with a similar aromatic profile but with high skill-level dancong fixin's.

Wen Jian Fu, a quiet, intense, straightforward, and disciplined man, is the vice president of the Chaozhou Tea Industry Association.  Below a cool and tough exterior is an undying loyalist to good tea and good people.  He is serious about his craft and insists on maintaining quality control by overseeing every step, especially the ending charcoal roasting step.  Well-resourced with family trees of various ages at various elevations, Wen's Rougui gardens were planted in 1975 and rest at an elevation of 700 meters, just as old as any Rougui in Wuyi, and at a higher elevation.  Harvested in spring 2023, this one was roasted and rested 3 separates times, the last one right before the Chinese New Year.  Don't sleep on this one.



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  1. What a delightful experience! Cinnamon is so warming and charcoal roasting is just right. Immediate opening in the chest. It seems more like an autumn drinker but wonderful on an early morning session in late spring. Perfect brewed gong gu style in Chouzhou clay pot.

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