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2020 Shan Lin Xi 杉林溪

terroir / conditions / process

• Harvested May 1
• Grown and processed by the Yung family who own a small farm just below the peak's crown
• The Yungs produce high mountain oolong teas in all four season.  During the summer season they also produce black teas using high mountain tea leaf materials
• Cultivar: Qing Xin Wulong 青心乌龙 which originates in the Anxi, Fudi region of China and was brought to Taiwan in 1855 and planted on Dong Ding mountain 凍頂山
• The bushes are relatively smaller than other cultivars and the leaves are a bit thicker.
• Shan Lin Xi 杉林溪 is a high elevation growing region in Zhu Shan village which literally means “Evergreen”

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Shan Lin Xi 杉林溪 is an area of central Taiwan located in Nantou county which has been producing teas grown on small farms since the mid 20th century. Our tea is from a section of this mountainous region referred to as Long Feng Xia 龙凤峡 which sits at an altitude of 1600-1900 meters above sea level where temperatures are lower than they are at sea level. The altitude affects the rate at which spring buds are produced and they are therefore plucked later than most spring green teas, usually around early to mid-May. Slower growth and cooler temperatures during the spring season allows the tea trees to produce thick leaves which contribute to the tea having a thick and buttery broth when brewed. The Yung family has a small tea farm located just below the pinnacle of this mountain and they produce tea which are mostly sent to China for consumption. We met them by chance in 2016 when we were on our first trip to Taiwan researching tea and they have been able to supply us with a few Taiwanese kilograms (600 grams) of this amazing tea for the past few years. Since then we have been enjoying this tea annually and are excited to share it with the rest of the tea community.

8 comments on “2020 Shan Lin Xi Oolong”

  1. All of the Teas from River & Lakes are incredible, but we love the Oolongs the most. Very fresh flavors, thank you!

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