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Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Aged Red


Another curated selection from the repertoire of our skilled friends up on Shan Lin Xi — the Yungs — this high mountain grown aged hong cha offers a spin on the Taiwanese high mountain experience.  Not typically pursuant of aged reds, we were actually quite surprised at the complexity of the juicy mouthfeel, fragrant aroma, and the definitely-going-back-for-more-ness produced by this tea, especially when performing within a gong fu session.  A tea produced in 2013, the flavor profile has retained boldness and has crystallized notes of a complex berry reduction.  The result is an approachable, fun, and delicious tea with just the right amount of mystery.

The cultivar used for this red tea in Qing Xin and these leaves were grown between 1600-1800 meters in the Long Feng Xia growing region of greater Shan Lin Xi.  The late spring season's shift in weather as well as production variables provide the Yungs with an auspicious time to craft their annual hong cha.

Confusingly, in the West, we have become accustomed to referring to this style of tea (红茶 hóng chá, literally "red tea") as Black tea, arguably the most well-known style of tea in the world.  There is a lesser known tea style in the eastern world that translates literally to black tea known as 黑茶 hēi chá, so out of respect of the origins of the styles we will be referring to this fully oxidized style of tea as red tea.

Check out our more classic gao shan Oolong offering from the Yung's here and read about our first episodes with them here.

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6 comments on “Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Aged Red”

  1. This is the only hong cha they carry. Turns out, that's all they need! Berry forward with a spiced, woody, peppery finish. I drink this in the morning and it opens my eyes and frames the day with a slow boiling qi.

  2. How do I even begin to describe this tea? It's the most complex Red I've ever had. None of the flavors are "in your face" but it is so delicious that I can't quit drinking it. The most addictive Red tea I've ever had in my life.

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