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Shan Lin Xi Winter Oolong

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The Yung family has once again graced us with an exemplar of solid high mountain tea. Fuller bodied and rounded than spring tea, the winter sprout pops out and scares you with a floral/bold combo—It also doesn’t lack any of the vegetal notes that spring tea offers. According to the Yungs, cooler temperatures between the fall harvesting period (August) and the winter harvesting period (early November-late December) cause the leaves to grow more slowly resulting in a thicker leaf that is full of the stuff that makes tea so tasty. Similar to our spring offering this high mountain tea hails from Long Feng Xia which sits at an elevation of around 1600m. High altitude combined with cooler temperatures during the winter season produce a classic Taiwanese oolong tea with a bold twist.

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4 comments on “Shan Lin Xi Winter Oolong”

  1. I'm really enjoying this oolong; the description is accurate -- floral flavors are very forward and the tea is incredibly fragrant (though not overbearing like a jasmine). The flowers really hit you on the nose at the start, but the flavor has a very vegetal finish with a pleasing complexity that isn't too bold. An easy to love; just inhaling the steam from my cup this winter has been uplifting.

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