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Spring 2021 Banpo Sheng Pu'er

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半坡老寨 Bànpō lǎozhài is the most well known village for tea in Nannuoshan, and many might conflate the distinctive flavor of Banpo village leaves as the defining Nannuo terroir experience.  The slopes of the gardens are steeper and are East facing, whereas the slopes of Dá É's primary gardens in Stone Village face westward.

In the case of old growth trees, these differences and innumerable others have been given time to distill into the distinct characteristics that astute sippers can discern.  These leaves, processed in the style of modern raw pu'er,  gives us a chance at this by tuning into the aspects of chaqi/energy in the body, thickness of the infusion/mouthfeel, the relation of bitterness and sweetness, and the returning sensations to the throat and palate after swallowing the soup.  Though of importance, there is less of an emphasis on distinct flavors and fragrances as in the world of tea plant cultivars.

Whereas Dá É mainly operates her Stone Village ancient gardens inherited from her father's lineage, her mother's side of the family has roots in Banpo village, and this commissioned production features her and her cousin's joint efforts with leaves harvested in late March and into early April, before the big rain.  This tea was released in tandem with a spring Stone Village pu'er for the comparison enthusiast.

We're incredibly pleased to offer this high-impact, vegetative punch condensed in the economical package of the 100 gram bing.  Pure verdant fun and entertainment; a cleanly executed Nannuo old arbor tea.  Enjoy the energy this one packs.

The brewing vessel used in these photos was crafted by Western NC potter Mary Cotterman.


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Find an interview with our friend and producer of this tea, Dá É, here, as well as more of her teas.


IMG 2286

Visiting the king tea tree of Banpo with Dá É in 2019


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