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Spring 2021 Stone Village Sheng Pu'er

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Our early Spring 2021 石头寨 Shítouzhài ("Stone Village") Raw Pu'er was harvested before the rains of early April in Nannuoshan.  Before Dá É hired workers to harvest the big flush after the rain, it was just her and her sons, nephews, nieces, and cousins going out to the old growth arbors and gathering leaves for pre-orders like this one.  We commissioned the production of this 200 gram bing — something we hope to do every spring — after falling in love with the 2019 Stone Village pressing.

For a fresh, young sheng, we enjoy that this tea can behave softly/sweetly if brewed thoughtfully.  Lean into it and it will growl.  Carve out some moments in your day to ride the wave of energy this tea will provide.  We'll let Dá É's teas speak for themselves.  Check out an interview with our dear friend here.

This tea was released in tandem with a 100 gram cake offering from her family gardens in Banpo, another village in Nannuo.  The two as a vertical tasting provides a unique opportunity to experience the slight yet profound differences that gardens/terroir lend to the tea.  The variables of harvest time + tea producer/techniques are the same between the two, so the nature of the respective gardens are the only distinction.



Dá É's mother, out harvesting in traditional Aini 爱尼族 attire.



Mao Cha drying atop Dá É's new production facilities, built in 2019.



Despite pain in her hands after this season's labor, Dá É is especially proud of this spring's tea.



Unmistakable old growth flush


menghai jinghong 1

Nannuoshan is a representative of the Menghai county terroir


shitouzhaiubanpo 1

Stone Village is in the southwest of the Nannou range


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