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Wuyi Qilan Oolong

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Since its introduction into the repertoire of Wuyi Yancha from its birthplace in southern Fujian in the early 1990s, the cultivar 奇兰 Qilan (translation: 'rare orchid'), has risen to become a favored rock oolong by those looking to pierce beyond the classic Da Hong Pao, Shui Xian, and Rougui offerings of the region.

We love the Yue family's 2020 Qilan oolong because of its comforting nuttiness, sultry florality, and creamy texture.  The fragrance and floral tones don't scream at higher pitches like other oolongs; this one stays low and slow, creating a return breath of rosy-orchid perfume.  This tea comes from tea plants grown at a relatively high altitude of 450 meters in the Da Shui Keng area.

This tea has a 中火 medium roast profile, displaying lovely 炭焙 charcoal fire flavored characteristics, as the leaves received two light roasts — one in July and another in August.  The often preferred and recommended resting period of 6 months after roast is complete, and this tea is now primed and ready.

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  1. I’ve only had a few rock oolongs to compare this to, but I really enjoyed the balance of flavors here. The roasty characteristics are present, but balanced by a pleasant nuttiness and floral tones. There’s a lot here to explore.

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